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Why charcoal briquettes?
Charcoal briquettes are widely used around the world for BBQ, shisa, hookah, fuel, etc. This is really a big problem for many companies doing business of making charcoal around the world. When making charcoal, when the lumps of charcoal are taken, when handling, transporting, packing, there will be a lot of fine charcoal dust that we need to collect and find ways to deal with it, making briquettes is one option.
Studies show that in charcoal manufacturing companies, fine waste constitutes 10 to 15 percent of usable charcoal. So that there are many requests for the work of making briquettes using a charcoal briquette machine. And also for low density wood and bulky materials like coconut coir, corncob etc, to improve the quality of charcoal for further use, we convert this charcoal into briquettes as well.
Charcoal source
Charcoal from wood with low density and large materials such as bamboo, coconut shells, corn cobs, etc.;
Charcoal from wood waste during felling, felling and cladding such as log ends, stumps, logs, twigs, bark and pruning;
Charcoal from fine materials of argo-forestry waste such as sawdust, rice hull, coconut fiber dust, etc.;
Small material size is always good for charcoal briquette making before you make your charcoal briquette please check all your charcoal fines with proper size. We recommend you under 5mm to make good quality charcoal briquettes.
Humidity of around 25-50% (depending on many factors such as the source of charcoal, type of briquette machine, pressure, etc.) works with the charcoal briquette making process, high humidity will form briquettes with high density and with low energy costs in the briquette making process.
Charcoal briquettes with binder
Charcoal is a material that is completely devoid of plasticity and thus requires the addition of adhering or agglomerating materials to allow the formation of briquettes. Thus Binder becomes a very important factor in the process of making charcoal briquettes, pure charcoal is an object that burns without smoke, without smell. The use of charcoal determines the type of binder used, for industrial use, there will be a wider choice of binders.


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