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Made of coconut shell and special wood Combustion produces products that last a long time

Organic coconut sugar is sugar made from coconut sap, which is produced through several stages, until maximum results are obtained in terms of texture, taste, originality, hygiene and of course food safety

PALM SUGAR or gula kawung / gula aren is a sweetener made from the sap that comes from the male flower bunches of the palm tree. The strong aroma of sap is characteristic of palm sugar.

Arabica and Robusta are the two main varieties of coffee beans used for making coffee.


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PT Tiga Sayap Nusantara (TSN) is an export company that focuses on raw and finished agricultural products originating from Indonesia. Established in 2020, PT TSN is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural products, especially coconut. Our company is engaged in agriculture which provides the best results from farmers throughout Indonesia. We have a vision that is to become one of the best exporters in the world, to meet the needs of the global market.

Our company has some world famous agriculture products such as briquette, coconut charcoal, palm sugar and coconut sugar, which you can check on our website.


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